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In 2006 we founded the company Textil de los Andes S.A. with the aim of giving value to Natural Andean fibers. Those of us who create TexAndes are people with textile origin that combine the manufacturing history of Italian origin with the native Latin American fibers.

We work intensely on all the actions that make the textile chain: design, produce and commercialize our natural fibers.

Through strategic alliances with camelid producers from the province of Catamarca, we began working with the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), Textile department, on the project of a pilot plant for natural fibers.

Currently we have our own production plant, installed in the Industrial Park El Pantanillo, Catamarca, Andes Argentinos. It has 2 hectares and 2000 m2 built, where we work from the preparation of the fibers to the final product, ensuring control over all processes.

We carry out the selection of fiber, washing, deserdado (out bristles) , styling and the production of tops, as well as conventional and fantasy yarns.

Since 2008, we have been working together with the Toscana Expomec Group of the ANC in Prato, Italy; innovating in the development of technology for the specific clearing of camel fibers. In 2015, we incorporated the flat weeding section where industrial handcrafted cutting products are designed, working on the concept of "slow factory".

We work on small productions by model. Looms operate at a slower speed than their industrial capacity; this allows us to work with yarns prepared for manual making. Gaining the advantages of the two models. Industrial quality and artisanal warmth. We have incorporated state-of-the-art technology to treat natural fibers with greater quality and efficiency, maintaining the spirit of the artisanal product.

Source Value

We are proud to be able to create in origin. The production of our yarns and fabrics are carried out entirely in the Argentine Andes, since we consider that it is the only way to keep intact the essence of the ancestral knowledge that originated the techniques that enhance us today.

Likewise, valuing, supporting and honoring the communities of the region dignify the work we do every day.


Technological development of innovative processes for the camelid value chain.


Operational plan of the pilot test for sustainable use of wild guanacos


Joint development with inTI and POLO TECNOLÓGICO CONSTITUENTS to develop and measure processes of the guanaco fiber production chain; advertising and conducting market tests to determine the feasibility of products.


Dehaired of vicuña fiber


Research, transformation and commercialization of Vicuña fiber in conjunction with the cooperative association CEA INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology. Open Pampa Puna Jujeña).


INTA Bariloche Fiber Laboratory


Joint experimentation in process innovation and value aggregate of fibers of Goat Patagonian, Guanaco and Vicuna. Characterization of properties and yields of dehaired process.


Llama technology


With the aim of incorporating innovative processes into the textile value chain, we have created a working consortium in conjunction with INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology and UTN (National Technological University).

The main basis of the project lies in the benefit and impact generated in camelid fiber production areas. In this sense, the objectives serve two results:

1. Highlight the textile performance of camelid fiber through processes of high technological content;

2. Ensure the improvement of all actors in the agro-industrial and textile crafts sector, in order to boost the economic development of the region.

Collection cooperatives ensure access by producers at fairer prices.


Our production is based on a regional economy, at the service of the joint care of nature and people. This integration is the fundamental pillar in all the actions we take. We work responsibly for the benefit of our environment and its ability to endure over time. For this, we take into account the triple impact of our actions: from a social, environmental and cultural point of view.

We consider "The environment to be a right", and as part of it, "we seek to live in communion with our environment".


Sustainable packaging

Animal Respect

Decent work

Source value

Natural Fibers


We take care of our relationship with nature in every process of the textile chain from the use of regional natural fibers that are biodegradable in themselves, to the reuse of the various industrial waste through recycling.


We take care of the people who work with us.

We engage with the inhabitants of the villages and the communities that give rise to our products. We integrate those who live in Andean Puna, who until now were outside the economic benefits of the consumer market, living on the basis of a subsistence economy; working from nature, shearing animals.

We also work with the local people of Catamarca, those who are in the factory performing the daily tasks. We respect the right to have a decent job.

Cultural traceability

We work to value the ancestral knowledge of the people of the Andes

We promote those fabric experiences that date back many years. We put into value, re-linking these ancestral techniques with craftsmanship today.


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